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Apr 14, 2021

We’re excited to welcome Fritz Von Hardenberg, the CFO Central and Southern Europe at eBay Marketplaces, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast. 

“Even when you have a bad day and you come to work and everybody else is positive, it drags you along.”

Our Founder, Paul Toms, spoke to Fritz at a time when he’s struggling with the challenges of sitting in front of a screen all day and conducting meetings via video calls. At the same time, Fritz is amazed by how well people and businesses have adjusted to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. He tells Paul what type of companies he believes will exceed when the pandemic is over.

In fact, it’s his passion for eCommerce and Finance that has helped Fritz get through weird, new ways of working. He explains why he was drawn to Finance initially (and the person that put him on that path), as well as the elements of his job that keep him excited. 

Fritz discusses the positive and open mindset that has not only helped him make the most of opportunities that have come along for him, but also keeps his team motivated and engaged, which ultimately improves performance. He also reveals the moment when he didn’t succeed in his career, but how this helped him move forward in the long-term.

Although Fritz agrees that hard work is crucial for a successful career, he explains another characteristic that can pay off if you have the positive mindset to stick to it.

Paul explores this positive mindset regarding the recruitment process and how Fritz finds employees who come to work with a can-do attitude. Fritz also tells the story of how he landed his first job at eBay back in 2004. 

Finally, Paul and Fritz look at the impact of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data on the Finance discipline, as well as its effects on our personal lives. 


To find a certain part of the episode, please use the timestamps below:

01:29: How businesses have adjusted to COVID-19
03:32: The way we’ll work in the future
06:10: Why Finance keeps Fritz excited
09:43: Who inspired Fritz to get into Finance
11:15: Empowering your team with an open mindset
18:32: The incident that took Fritz on a different pathway
22:45: Why you need to do more than just work hard to succeed
27:36: The characteristics Fritz looks for when recruiting
32:47: How Fritz landed a job at eBay
40:12: The impact of BI & Data on Finance and our personal lives
44:48: How to reach out to Fritz

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