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Feb 18, 2020

Mathieu Verger is CFO at Sonos in The Netherlands.

In this episode, he covers:

- What attracted him to work with Sonos
- How he promotes an environment of inclusive leadership
- The importance of habit forming


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Feb 10, 2020

Hein Knaapen was Chief HR Officer of ING Bank in Amsterdam and is now Managing Partner of CEO Works.

In this episode, he covers:

- His approach to organisational change 
- His thoughts on attracting new talent to the business
- How in his own development he has influences which continually stretch his own thinking



Feb 3, 2020

Giulio Campanella is VP and Controller, Finance at Duracell and previously had a long career with Procter & Gamble

In this episode, he covers:

- How he kept his roles fresh within the organisation,
- The differences between interacting with colleagues from different countries 
- What he misses about Swiss life now he is...