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Apr 12, 2021

In this episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast, we’re joined by Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko, the Head of Global Talent Attraction at JTI (Japan Tobacco International).

“I draw the picture for my team, so that they share it with me, then we go there together.”

Lidiya shares her wealth of experience in recruitment and talent attraction with Paul Toms, our Founder. She explains why she believes the recruitment process remains subjective, despite the level of automation in the industry. Nevertheless, Lidiya shares the method she uses to create a common denominator between all candidates.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, JTI is going through a period of great change, which has given Lidiya the momentum to implement new processes. However, she insists that she must look at the recruitment process from the candidate’s point of view to ensure an efficient and effective experience. In fact, she reveals the clever exercise she performs to assess competitor success!

Paul and Lidiya discuss the impact of Business Intelligence and Data on the Human Resources sector, with both positive and negative experiences. 

Lidiya delves deeper into the tools she uses with her immediate team to help motivate them and increase retention. She also shares the methods JTI uses as a whole to recruit and onboard virtually, before exploring the cultural aspects that make the company successful.

When posed the question of the advice she’d give to her younger self, Lidiya had an interesting answer. Listen to the episode below to hear her thoughts, as well as the company she’d have invested in a year ago…

We also found out which social media platform Lidiya believes is great for recruitment at the moment – do you use it?

If you’d like to find a particular part of the episode, you can use the timestamps below:

01:34: Has Lidiya taken anything positive from the pandemic?
03:14: How to create a common denominator between all candidates
08:30: Look at the recruitment process from a candidate’s point of view
14:02: The exercise Lidiya uses for competitor analysis
17:47: How JTI uses data
20:44: How Artificial Intelligence can go wrong
23:15: The tool Lidiya uses to motivate her team
26:46: Recruiting and onboarding virtually
31:09: The true cost of a wrong hire
34:05: The culture that makes JTI successful
37:05: Would Lidiya give advice to her younger self?
38:32: The platforms to connect with Lidiya through


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