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Nov 1, 2022

Thank you to Tiago Zini Uliana, Head of Formulation Switzerland, and Michel Kempkes, Head Formulation Engineering EMEA, at Syngenta, for joining us on the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

“Seize the opportunity and dare to step into the unknown.”

“No matter how experienced you are, you have to put yourself in a growth mindset, learning every day in different situations.”

The episode begins with discovering the last thing that made Tiago and Michel smile. Tiago shares the joy of hearing that his eight-year-old son had been elected as a class representative; something both are very proud of. Michel enjoyed a recent personal interaction with the team in an informal setting, with a BBQ and a few drinks. 

Paul Toms asks for the guests’ opinions on why Syngenta is a good company to work for. Collectively, the pair discusses the unique dynamics and opportunities offered by the agrichemical company, which also rewards innovation, addresses important global issues, and encourages both personal and professional development. 

On the topic of sustainability, the Formulation leaders share Syngenta’s commitment to create a better world. Mentioned are the initiatives put in place to reduce its carbon footprint on the logistical and product development side of the business.

Advice is given to those who are contemplating relocating for career opportunities. In Tiago and Michel’s experience, relocation has been very worthwhile. The benefits of venturing out of your comfort zone will unlock a growth mindset and expose you to new learning, experiences, cultures and insights into international business markets, they explain. Michel’s advice is, be open to the idea of relocation and let go of uncertainty.

Later in the episode, we discover how the pair started their careers. Interests in engineering stemmed from their early years. Now established in their roles, Michel and Tiago share the inner workings of Syngenta, their responsibilities and the regular interactions with people in their teams. 

On an alternative topic, we look at Syngenta’s recruitment process. Echoed is the need to set realistic expectations, be clear and direct, and accept that recruitment is a two-way street. Candidates in today’s market have options; the candidate pitches themselves to the company, but equally, the company must pitch itself to the candidate. 

Listen to the end of the episode to find out about the alternate career paths Tiago and Michel would have considered. 

You can connect with Tiago and Michel on LinkedIn.


If you’re interested in a particular part of the episode, please use these timestamps: 

00:40: The last thing that made Tiago and Michel smile
02:40: Syngenta’s business culture
06:15: Sustainability at Syngenta
08:10: Relocating for career opportunities
12:00: How Tiago and Michel started their careers
17:00: What it feels like to be Head of Formulation
21:50: An efficient & effective recruitment process
26:50: Alternative career paths


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