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Oct 24, 2022

The EMEA Recruitment podcast was pleased to welcome Jérôme Vial, Country Manager Switzerland at CCH Tagetik. 

“The most important thing I’m proud of is the fact that almost no one in the team - over seven years - left my team.”

Jérôme tells Paul Toms, our Founder, about the daily activity that he implemented with his team during the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to keep spirits high. 

In his current position, Jérôme feels that he has a different role every day, but he always focuses on one main goal – to understand his clients’ needs and how the business can solve their issues. 

With his technical strengths – Jérôme is a UK Chartered Accountant – and entrepreneurial spirit, his current role at CCH Tagetik is a good fit. Jérôme is proud to be developing the business strongly in Switzerland, with a good tool and the right people to service their clients. 

In Switzerland, reputation is key, because “people talk to each other”, Jérôme explains. He recently overheard a client recommending the product to another Group CFO at an event, which assured him that his team is operating well.

Stability is one of the key strengths of Jérôme’s team; it helps keep spirits high, while attracting new talent at the same time. He explains why he spends a lot of time on recruitment and how CCH Tagetik retains its people once they join the business. 

Jérôme also insists that diversity in the team is a “big asset” to the organisation; he’s already close to his goal of a 50-50 male to female split. 

Looking back to the start of his career, Jérôme discusses the benefits of his ACCA qualification, which he passed in 2001. Just nine years later, ACCA asked Jérôme to become an ambassador for Switzerland. He finds it rewarding to give back, which he also does in his role as Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Corporate Finance, Executive Master at the University for Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland.

We find out Jérôme’s key advice for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps, as well as how he spends his downtime at the weekends to ensure he has the right energy on a Monday morning.


To find the part of the episode that most interests you, please use the timestamps below:

01:02: The last thing to make Jérôme smile
02:56: Keeping the team’s spirits high during COVID
04:05: Being Country Manager CH at CCH Tagetik
06:55: The key benefits of CCH Tagetik’s software
14:31: Creating an efficient & effective recruitment process
19:25: Retaining top talent
21:04: Finding the missing piece of the puzzle
22:52: How BI & data assists Finance
25:13: Being ACCA’s Switzerland ambassador
30:52: The highlight of Jérôme’s career
32:28: Advice to people following in Jérôme’s footsteps
33:51: How Jérôme spends his downtime
35:05: Jérôme’s biggest challenge 

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