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Nov 21, 2021

We were honoured to welcome Tiffani Bova, Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

“Make time each day to be a student in the profession you’re in.”

Tiffani spoke to Paul Toms, our Founder, from Los Angeles, California, although it was a recent trip to her home state of Hawaii that was the last place to really make her smile. Usually travelling 600,000km every year, Tiffani hasn’t been on a plane for work purposes since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Tiffani started selling technology in 1995, before working for various start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. In 2006, she landed at Gartner Group, where she honed her “superpower of being able to look at disparate data points and find commonality”. Subsequently, Salesforce created Tiffani’s current role for her, enabling her to balance her work as a practitioner and academic. 

Tiffani credits her drive with playing sports competitively for almost 20 years. She believes that all children should grow up with a sense of structure that requires learning, teamwork and competition. 

Paul also finds out which topic Tiffani feels she didn’t delve into deep enough in her Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Growth IQ. Her primary research around the connection between employee satisfaction and engagement with customer experience is forming the foundation for her second book.

It was her busy lifestyle navigating between airport lounges and hotel lobbies that gave Tiffani the opportunity to build thousands of conversations that created the framework for her book, but also the chance for some thinking time while sat on a plane. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons she’s so excited to get back on the road.

Travelling so frequently didn’t give Tiffani much opportunity for downtime, but the last 18 months have taught her how to really unplug. She reveals the initiatives that Salesforce has implemented to take care of employee mental health and wellbeing. Tiffani believes that people have reassessed their lives during the pandemic, meaning that people just joining the workforce have a different perspective of what their future of work will look like.

When Tiffani started selling technology in the 1990s, she was often the only woman in the room. Now, there are inspiring and influential female CEOs who are paving the way for gender equality in business. Some, such as Ariana Huffington, have even endorsed Tiffani’s book – all thanks to a chance meeting in a restaurant!

Tiffani has her own successful podcast, What’s Next!, in which she explores growth and innovation in Sales. Paul flips the questions she asks her guests back on her, before finding out who her dream podcast guests would be.

We end the episode by finding out what Tiffani’s motto in life is and how to give her feedback on her ideas!


If you’re looking for a particular part of the episode, use the timestamps below:

01:44: What Tiffani has learned about herself during COVID
03:29: The last thing that made Tiffani smile
04:28: How Tiffani’s journey in Sales started
06:52: Where Tiffani’s drive came from
08:51: Which sports Tiffani played
10:40: The path to growth Tiffani missed out of her book
12:29: Finding the time to write a book
17:11: How Tiffani relaxes
19:09: How employee perspectives have changed
21:27: Where is the world on Diversity & Inclusion?
26:19: Asking Tiffani her own podcast questions
29:05: The importance of customer service
30:54: Finding her tribe
36:43: Tiffani’s dream podcast guests
38:46: Tiffani’s favourite motivational quote
39:59: How to reach out to Tiffani

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