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Sep 14, 2020

EMEA Recruitment were delighted to welcome Dr. Phil McDonald, Consultant Anaesthetist and Medical Director at Operation Smile UK, to our podcast. 

“Without you guys raising funds and supporting us, we just wouldn’t be able to do the work.”

We are incredibly proud to be supporting Operation Smile UK as our podcast partner, through which we hope to raise vital funds and awareness for the life-changing work that they do. 

EMEA Recruitment has a personal connection to the charity, as our Founder, Paul Toms, explains at the beginning of this episode. We are delighted to be working alongside Operation Smile to transform lives around the world. 

Phil, who is a Co-Founder of Operation Smile UK, was kind enough to speak with Paul about his incredible experiences working on medical missions across the globe, to improve the lives of children and adults alike. 

It’s a wonderful story of how Phil accidentally found himself on an Operation Smile medical mission, took the opportunity to set up the charity in the UK, and now provides more than 19,000* surgeries to children and adults every year, and trains medical professionals abroad to carry out this vital surgery. 

He also has some heart-warming stories from children and adults in developing countries, which he claims never stop having an impact.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Phil’s long-term goals for the charity and how he helps children (and their parents) feel at ease before surgery…


Some useful timestamps can be found below:

  • 02:09 How Dr. Phil got involved with Operation Smile and helped set up the charity 
  • 07:13 How working as consultant anaesthetist aids his work in Operation Smile 
  • 10:00 The importance of empathy when dealing with anxiety during surgery
  • 12:00 Operation Smile’s mission 
  • 22:00 What Dr. Phil has learnt from working with Operation Smile
  • 23:45 How Operation Smile helps local health care professionals to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient
  • 30:30 The challenges of operating during the pandemic and how organisations can help
  • 35:20 How vital funding is to Operation Smile
  • 38:25 How to connect with Dr. Phil


Through our partnership, Operation Smile UK will feature on our podcasts moving forward. Find out more about how we’re supporting the work that they do here: 


We hope you enjoy this podcast episode. Please share with your network to listen to Phil’s story.


The EMEA Recruitment podcast is hosted by the Founder of EMEA, Paul Toms, and Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant, Jenny Callum.

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*Operation Smile provided more than 19,000 surgeries to children and adults in FY19. 

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