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Feb 11, 2021

The EMEA Recruitment podcast was proud to welcome Bee Roseboom-Van Kessel to our latest episode. Bee is the Director, Global Business Finance at Trinseo. 

“You can’t display any of those other values, like honesty and self-development, if you don’t have the courage to start with.” 

Bee spoke to Paul Toms, Founder of EMEA Recruitment, from her home in Switzerland, where she enjoys the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes – it’s a benefit of the current working-from-home situation that much of the world finds itself in. 

With Bee’s strong background in Finance business partnering, Paul kicked off the episode by asking which values Bee looks for in a trusted partner. She explains why courage is her number one value – as well as the values that are often found alongside a courageous personality. She also believes that the ability to be “goofy” is a trait that all Finance professionals should have!

Bee describes the type of environment that harvests courageous personalities and the approach she takes to helping individuals grow within her teams.

One thing that Paul has noticed amongst previous podcast guests is that successful people often like to give something back – Bee is heavily involved in the mentoring and coaching of Finance talent globally. She points out the one skill that typically sets talent apart and how the younger generation is challenging her to live life differently.

We touched on how the COVID-19 pandemic has jump-started a new way of working that suits the younger generation and could teach executive leaders a thing or two about balance.

With so many people currently searching for roles in business partnering, Paul found out the one skill that Bee believes is essential for working strategically within an organisation. 

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data is something that Bee feels will have a huge impact on the strategic side of Finance business partnering and is playing an important role in the way she does her job. However, she does express her concerns about having too much data and what this could mean for Finance professionals.

We ended the episode by finding out what Bee’s career highlight has been to date – it was a surprising answer!

Use the timestamps below to listen to the most interesting part of the episode for you:

01:14: Enjoying life in Switzerland
03:38: The number one value in a Finance business partner
08:02: The environment you need to develop courage
11:27: How Bee lifts up her team
13:03: What Bee learns from her mentees
18:31: How the younger generation has found balance
23:01: The skills needed to be a business partner
28:52: How BI plays an important role in Finance
32:11: Bee’s biggest concern when it comes to data
35:14: The highlight of Bee’s career to date
39:19: If Bee was interviewing herself, what would she ask?
41:48: How to connect with Bee


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