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Feb 3, 2021

We were pleased to welcome Rory Matthews, a CEO and Managing Director across the credit risk management and consumer data sectors, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast. 

“I’ve been in it for over 30 years and I find it as stimulating as when I first started.”

After living in Europe for ten years, Rory now resides in Australia, where he’s learnt more about the Asian market, but hasn’t managed to learn how to surf (although he wouldn’t admit this in an Australian pub!). 

Rory speaks to our Founder, Paul Toms, about his 30-year career that has spanned multiple countries and continents. After beginning his career as a computer engineer, Rory said he realised quickly that the future wasn’t in hardware or software; it was in data. Rory explains how being exposed to using data to identify financial risk has not only captivated and stimulated him, but has offered great career opportunities. 

The conversation quickly moved onto legislation and regulation within the use of data. With the market moving so fast, Rory has found the ways to bring legislation, technology, the market and the data itself together to drive meaningful solutions a fascination that has never left him. 

We found out just how quickly the landscape is changing and why millennials are driving completely different behaviour when it comes to managing risk. Rory has fantastic insight on exactly why the younger generation is opening up a diversity of products and opportunities to explore different ways of accessing credit and finance. 

He speaks specifically about the Asian market, where more than 50% of the population is under the age of 24. These savvy individuals are turning traditional lending on its head, which is affecting how typical data points are predicted. 

These increasingly aware consumers are now more involved in the data collection process than ever before. Rory has some top-line advice for organisations that are looking to address this emerging market.

We also discussed the legislation that’s having the greatest impact on the lending market, and how credit bureaus and lenders can best react to these changes. 

Being closely involved with legislative processes is something that has been central to Rory’s career across the world. He explores his involvement in a working group in Brussels, his interest in regulations across the Philippines and even addressing parliament in Malaysia. 

For anyone interested in the future opportunities for credit and risk bureaus, be sure to listen until the end of the episode for Rory’s vision. 

The timestamps below will help you find the part of the episode most interesting to you:

01:15: The fantastic lifestyle in Australia
03:19: Why the data industry captivated Rory
06:45: What keeps Rory stimulated
11:15: How credit bureaus need to change for the future
18:52: How millennials in Asia are turning lending on its head
24:12: The increasingly aware consumer
29:40: How legislation is driving change
35:03: The importance of being involved in the legislative process
43:25: Involving consumers in the credit process
49:32: The future of the credit bureau
52:55: How to reach out to Rory directly


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