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Aug 30, 2022

We were happy to welcome George Terziev, VP Head of Group Treasury at Hitachi Energy, onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

Paul Toms begins the podcast lightheartedly, reciting a language joke that made George smile. 

After the laughter, we discover that after a year-and-a-half at Hitachi, George is still very happy in his Finance role. He is excited to be part of the company culture, with a diverse and international team, surrounded by great people. Praises are given to Hitachi for being a good company and its position in the growing renewable energy sector.

Later on, George delves into the depth of Treasury and the opportunities it can offer individuals seeking to advance their skillset, broaden their career prospects and contribute to other functions. 

Paul asks George about his 22 years at Dow and the exposure he gained at this place of work, which enabled him to experience roles outside of Treasury; Treasury is a function that is highly transferrable. Mentioned here is the current recruitment trend and the importance of training, creating paths of development and opportunities when hiring, and retaining the talent of today.

George also singles out a few challenges he is experiencing within his role. The short-term challenges being the further transformation and integration of Treasury in other functions, along with the previous mention of the hiring and retainment of new talent. 

The long-term challenge is singled out as digitalization, alongside the new technology coming into the market, with mention of blockchain, crypto, the metaverse and cloud solutions. 

Halfway through the episode, Paul acknowledges the Treasury Transformation Award that Hitachi received. George gives credit to the team who worked together to gain this prize within a six-month period, and ultimately created a platform for the future transformation of the business and aligned Hitachi with global competition. 

Listeners will later become informed of the recruitment process, the competencies, attributes and attitudes a person must possess to become a successful candidate during the hiring process. George shares insights into the opportunities and projects Hitachi Energy is creating to retain new hires and employees. 

Paul questions George about the adaptation of the company during COVID-19. Thanks is given again to the teams who set up the strategy before and during the initial stages of the pandemic. George joined during this period and found it challenging to understand the company without in-person meetings. However, the team was established, coherent and motivated, enabling the company to work well remotely overall. 

Now that period is behind us, George explains that it is now time to re-establish connections and integrate the team further; the new normal includes hybrid working. George recommends organizations set rules for this new process of working; to be successful, he believes office time should still be scheduled, as it is critical to team development and the bonding of new hires.

At the end of the episode, Paul questions George about his long-term aims, sharing their level of guitar skills.

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If you’re looking for a particular part of the episode, you can use the timestamps:

01:35: The last thing that made George smile
03:35: Being VP Head of Group Treasury at Hitachi Energy
05:45: What excites George most about his role
08:35: Advice for people pursuing a career in Finance
10:45: Spending 22 years at one company
17:40: The challenges George faces as VP
23:40: Winning the Treasury Transformation Project Award
30:40: Hitachi’s adaptation throughout COVID-19
35:00: George’s long-term goals
36:55: Playing the guitar
38:10: How to contact George 

To connect with George, you can find him on LinkedIn.


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