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Jul 29, 2020

In the latest podcast from EMEA Recruitment, we spoke to international fundraiser and keynote speaker Charles Hammerton about his struggles with mental health.

“Someone needs to stand up and say, something’s not right here – we need to talk about it.”

This podcast episode not only addresses the difficulties of mental health issues, but details how Charles has learnt from his past – and who helped him do it. It’s a difficult topic for many people to discuss, but Charles explains the importance of having an open and honest conversation.

Although Charles had a “fantastic upbringing”, his life went through what he describes as a “normal unravelling”, before plummeting into difficult experiences in a short space of time. This led him to have suicidal thoughts, which no one in his life knew he was suffering.

That’s where Bandit comes in. Bandit the ferret (now the namesake of his bushcraft business, Adventure Bandits) gave Charles a reason to hold on. 

Charles decided to set off on his own adventure and, in his own words, “do me”. This journey led him on a walk across the country, skateboarding across London, and driving to the Arctic Circle and across Europe. He’d even completed his bucketlist by the time he was 25! 

Unfortunately, Bandit passed away upon Charles’ return to the UK. Alongside Adventure Bandits, Charles has now formed a mix of different work commitments and hobbies, including keynote speaking. 

We discuss why Charles tells his story, his influences and why he’s made some enemies – he even tells us what he’s terrified of feeling on his deathbed! 


Here are some helpful time stamps for listening to Charles’ story:

  • Charles’ background and upbringing, hitting the road in a camper van with a ferret 03:00
  • The importance of talking about mental health 08:00
  • How a ferret called Bandit helped Charles and inspired his company Adventure Bandits 11:00
  • The value of talking, how to learn from experiences 14:00
  • How Charles structures his public talks 16:20
  • What Charles has learnt from his journey 23:00
  • Support from the Prince’s Trust 25:30
  • Charles’ inspirations 28:30
  • Fears, achievements, work, ideas 38:30
  • Swimming with Dolphins in the Falklands and making the most of opportunities 43:40
  • How to connect with Charles 47:00


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