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Jul 21, 2020

EMEA Recruitment were honoured to welcome Heather Price as a recent guest on the EMEA podcast, to discuss Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. 

“I grew up and left school and went to university wanting to be given the opportunity to address the inequities that I witnessed all around me.”…

This podcast is not only beneficial to those looking to leverage Diversity & Inclusion in their business strategy, but also, as Heather explains, to optimise team and organisational performance, and innovation.

Heather explains how growing up as a white person in apartheid South Africa has led her to develop Symmetra, an international consultancy that specialises in the provision of diversity and equity products and services across the globe. Now living in Sydney, Australia, Heather helps corporations to embed an inclusive workplace culture. 

We discuss the ways that Symmetra enables leaders to change the way they think about Diversity & Inclusion, through its 7 Critical Success Factors. 

These steps not only focus on the social justice of equity and inclusion, but also on the strategic business imperative.

In order to experience the business benefits of Diversity & Inclusion, Heather insists that none of the following 7 factors can be excluded:

7 Critical Success Factors

Take a listen to the podcast to hear about these in more detail:

  1. Clear vision
  2. Commitment at the top
  3. Building inclusive leadership capability
  4. Meaningful measurement
  5. Aligning the systems
  6. Engage the middle and frontline 

Stories and symbols

We also discuss Symmetra’s success stories and who Heather would like to listen to on a business podcast!  

Here’s what you can listen to us speak to Heather about:  

  • An overview of what Symmetra do 01:46
  • How years of experience help Symmetra overcome challenges and obstacles 04:11
  • Why growing up in South Africa influenced Heather to start Symmetra 05:30
  • Why passion is imperative 08:15
  • The biggest challenges in implementing Inclusion and Diversity 08:50
  • Clear vision of what Inclusion and Diversity means for a company 12:10
  • Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity at the top 17:50
  • Building inclusive leadership capability 22:10
  • Aligning and ensuring systems and processes support Inclusion 31:16
  • Engaging the middle and front 35:50
  • Best practice in inclusive leadership 38:40
  • Optimising the performance of an organisation by defining the commerciality of Inclusion and Diversity 41:25
  • Driving the gender agenda 44:50
  • Stories and symbols 47:15
  • How Symmetra diagnose and focus on factors for success 59:10
  • Heather’s ideal podcast guest and her inspirations 1:02:47
  • How to connect with Heather 1:06:25

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and look forward to seeing your comments and shares.

If you want to reach out to Heather, you can connect with her on LinkedIn:

The podcast is hosted by founder of EMEA, Paul Toms, and Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant, Jenny Callum.

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