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Nov 30, 2020

We were honoured to welcome Shari Levitin to the EMEA Recruitment podcast. Shari is a passionate global sales leader and CEO of Levitin Group, which she founded in 1997. 

“We want to do good at work, but there’s not a human being out there that doesn’t also want to have a fulfilled, happy life.”

Shari spoke to Paul Toms, our Founder, as the cold season sets in at her home in Park City, Utah. 

She explained the core skills needed to be a successful salesperson. Shari also described to Paul the turning point in her career, when she realised she needed to reprioritise her life.

Although many of us hopefully won’t go through the tragic situation that transformed Shari’s life, she has some key advice for re-examining your priorities. It’s especially relevant considering the global pandemic that has shifted many people’s lives this year.

Shari herself talks about how she has managed to help her customers and, at the same time, grow her business during this turbulent time.

But Shari’s priorities stretch much further than business, and she details this to Paul with a fantastic system, which she calls the triangle of fulfilment. For anyone struggling with work-life balance, Shari recommends instead looking for work-life integration, and shares her tools for managing this.

As Paul was keen to invite Shari onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast after reading her book, Heart and Sell, we also discussed how such a busy person got a book written and published to a tight deadline, all with four broken ribs!

In fact, traditional skills of reading and writing are the key to empathy, which Shari believes is the very skill needed to sell. She has some interesting thoughts on social media and how to use it effectively, as well as the ways we can still share love virtually.

Shari also shared with Paul some of her favourite inspirational quotes, and a heart-warming answer to the question of who she’d invite to her last supper. 

We hope you enjoy this episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast, and find Shari’s words inspiring, whether you’re in the sales sector or not.

The timestamps below can help you find the most relevant section of the episode:

01:12 – Living in Park City, Utah
02:47 – The core of what is sales
04:54 – The moment that transformed Shari’s life
07:45 – How to re-examine your priorities
11:54 – The key to being a successful salesperson
13:53 – Achieving work-life integration
20:03 – How to manage your energy
24:32 – Self-regulating your use of social media
30:50 – Shari’s favourite quotes
32:40 – Who Shari would invite to her last supper
34:19 – Putting the love into what you do, virtually
38:12 – How to connect with Shari


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