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Nov 26, 2020

In this episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast, we were pleased to be joined by Rajiv Ramani, the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Luxasia in Singapore.

“It takes ten years to build your own personal integrity, but it just takes ten seconds for all that to go away.”

Rajiv spoke to Paul Toms, our Founder, in what has been an unusual year. He starts by sharing some advice on coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, both personally and professionally. In fact, Rajiv’s calm and results-focussed approach forms the foundations of this podcast episode.

He explains the way he achieves a sense of buy-in from his team - with some strong sporting analogies – as well as the method he’s used for managing employees over the COVID-19 period. 

Rajiv shares his core set of values and principles, which he applies to life both in the office and at home. But what do you do when you don’t meet eye-to-eye with certain people? Rajiv has some top advice for dealing with everyone from the CEO to frontline staff.

We were inspired by Rajiv’s investment of time and effort into mentoring graduates, so asked him about why he took this step. Being so supportive of his team members and upcoming professionals is obviously time-consuming, but Rajiv explains how he manages to fit so much into his diary – and how he switches off at the end of the day.

Rajiv also discussed the impact of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data on the Finance function of the future, insisting that it’s happening already.  

He has a clear idea of how Finance will change in the next couple of years, but offers a word of caution on the information that we all share on the internet. 

One thing that stands out speaking to Rajiv is his very calm and considered attitude. It’s something that he says he’s honed along the way, and would be earning mega-bucks if it was something he’d been born with! 

We also found out what Rajiv has planned for the next few years and the way he begins each day – remember to share this episode with anyone that you think would benefit from Rajiv’s advice.

You can use the timestamps below to find the part you’re looking for:

01:04 – How to move on from the COVID-19 pandemic
03:05 – Rajiv’s key actions for a successful team
06:46 – How Rajiv has managed his team during COVID-19
08:48 – Being authentic in business
11:07 – Rajiv’s set of values and principles
14:58 – Why Rajiv mentors graduates
20:18 – How Rajiv manages his diary
23:02 – The impact of BI & Data on Finance
27:52 – Dealing with the concerns of data
31:30 – What Rajiv looks for in a business partner
33:55 – How Rajiv stays calm and considered
35:59 – Rajiv’s plans for the next few years
38:10 – Climbing southeast Asia’s highest mountain
41:08 – How Rajiv’s day begins
44:22 – How to connect with Rajiv


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