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Feb 15, 2022

In this episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast, we were proud to welcome Tim Mezheritsky, the Senior HR Director – Global Supply Chain and Europe Operations at BD in Switzerland. 

“If you talk about one thing, but then people see different behaviours from the leaders – no matter what they say – it’s not going to help you drive that culture.”

The episode starts on a light-hearted note, after Paul asks Tim what the last thing to make him smile was. Tim cheerfully recalls a recent business trip, which should have found him at a team meeting in Ireland, but instead saw him spend half-a-day in Swindon, before having to quarantine in Switzerland for ten days – it’s safe to say that he won’t be travelling again anytime soon!

Although Tim misses interpersonal interaction with his team, he found ways to bring human connection to video calls. Virtual coffee breaks are one of the ways he has managed to bond and motivate the team during a difficult period.

Building a strong corporate culture is very important to Tim. However, he is insistent that a vision will only be successful if leadership walks the talk. He believes that Human Resources has a critical role to play in transitioning to a more open and inclusive culture – with client groups, Tim has designed an intervention and taken them on a journey, sometimes lasting six months.

Despite his focus on human connection, Tim claims that progress can only be achieved if you are able to measure it with good data. It is also critical in making reliable decisions in the business. Nevertheless, he warns that organisations must find the right balance between managing by data and creating a sense of belonging.

We explore Tim’s journey into HR, from his Economics studies, to a career in Finance, then to Sales and Marketing, before “pure coincidence” brought him to the HR profession. He explains why trust is a key element to the discipline, which has enabled him to get a seat at the table. Tim also finds it important to show leaders that you put your heart into what you do.

Despite his successes, Tim says there is “no silver bullet”, but he always uses common sense to relate to what an organisation is trying to achieve. 

Paul and Tim discuss the recruitment process and how it has changed during the pandemic. From his point of view, it is a way to expand his network, sell the company and create a positive candidate experience. 

We end the episode with the advice that Tim would give his 18-year-old self – they’re words of wisdom for anyone embarking on a career in any discipline.


Use the timestamps below to find a specific part of the episode:

01:20: Why Tim won’t be travelling anytime soon
04:22: How Tim motivates the team virtually
08:17: Can organised fun ever be fun?
10:21: Why leadership must walk the talk
15:40: Using data to progress
18:20: Finding the balance between data and culture
21:35: How Tim got into HR
31:34: Does Tim have a recipe for success?
35:35: What Tim misses about the recruitment process
39:34: Why you must invest time in interviews
44:05: The advice Tim would give his 18-year-old self
47:21: How to connect with Tim

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