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Aug 24, 2020

EMEA Recruitment recently welcomed Alain Mulder, the Senior Director for European Operations at Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), to the podcast. 

We were delighted to speak with Alain upon the launch of our new partnership with IMA in Europe. Our relationship with Alain and his team will provide career development support to Finance professionals within our network.

“You need to have more skills – not only the real typical Finance skills, but also soft skills are much more important now.” 

Alain told us about the new ideas and initiatives being implemented by IMA for its members, as well as how global companies are surviving the current COVID-19 crisis. He explained how important the Finance role is within multi-national corporations, so is confident that the future is bright.

Our listeners will be particularly interested to hear Alain’s thoughts on how Finance professionals need to upskill to benefit from the latest technologies, including Business Intelligence & Data

Following a varied career to date, we weren’t surprised to hear who Alain feels is his greatest influence and adviser, but his ideal podcast guests may be a little harder to track down! Take a listen to find out who he’d like us to interview in the future.

To benefit from our partnership with IMA, including a three-month trial membership of its resources, click here:

Be sure to share this Finance podcast with your network, so that they can listen to Alain’s valuable insights. 

The timestamps below will help you find the right advice for you:

01:20 - Main challenges IMA faces: implementing new ideas, growth in Europe and globally
02:30 - Online initiatives
03:10 - Future of Finance
04:50 - CMA added some content, tech and ethics important, global job survey
05:45 - How BI & Data can assist Finance professionals
09:50 - The importance of soft skills in Finance
11:10 - The need to ask the right questions
12:30 - Alain’s influences
13:30 - What Alain learnt from his previous job roles
15:30 - IMA’s growth and what that means
17:20 - The skills and attributes needed for someone seeking a senior operations position
19:00 - The profile of IMA members
21:00 - Would Alain change anything about his career?
22:20 - What Alain enjoyed about his previous role in Product Development
23:50 - Alain’s ideal podcast guests
25:55 - How to connect with Alain


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The EMEA Recruitment podcast is hosted by the Founder of EMEA, Paul Toms, and Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant, Jenny Callum.

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