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Aug 11, 2020

We’re pleased to welcome Pierre Deburaux to the EMEA Recruitment podcast. As the VP Finance at Coty, this business and finance podcast episode discusses the qualities that teams must possess, the challenges faced by professionals, and where Pierre believes the future of finance is heading.

“I’m an open book on everything I’ve learnt so far.”

Not only does Pierre describe the dimensions that he feels are key in his career, but he also reveals how he overcomes the challenges faced to live his life, making this an insightful podcast for finance professionals.  

Listening to Pierre, it’s no surprise that chefs are some of his greatest sources of inspiration. He explains the recipe needed to overcome challenges in the corporate finance world and how to find the right ingredients. 

His focus on emotional intelligence is also something that may surprise listeners, but Pierre is insistent on adapting his management style and ensuring that his team is happy when they go to work. 

Strong communication is something that Pierre feels will support technological advancements in the future for finance teams. Make sure to listen to Pierre’s predictions on the potential success of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

We also asked Pierre to reveal his dream podcast guests – it’s quite a mix! 

Below are the timestamps for this corporate finance podcast:

  • The key qualities of a VP in Finance - 2:00
  • Resilience and stamina - 6:00
  • The challenges of recruitment and finding the right balance in teams - 8:00
  • How to empower your team and the importance of honesty and communication - 12:00
  • The future of finance, business intelligence and data - 15:00
  • The importance of executives understanding AI and data  - 18:30
  • Pierre’s inspirations - 20:00
  • Pierre’s favourite music - 22:50
  • Pierre’s ideal podcast guests - 24:40
  • How to connect with Pierre - 26:55

If you want to reach out to Pierre, you can connect with him through LinkedIn on:

The podcast is hosted by founder of EMEA; Paul Toms and Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant; Jenny Callum.

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