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Feb 8, 2021

In this episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast, we were joined by Elena Jasvoin, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Management Board Member, at Ringier Axel Springer Media AG in Zurich, Switzerland. 

“You need to really, sincerely care about your people and put them into the focus.”

Elena spoke to Paul Toms, our Founder, remotely, which was the topic of conversation for the opening part of the episode. Elena explains the flexible working approach that she believes would be most efficient in a post-COVID world. Although she’s enjoyed a mixture of office work and working from home, Elena has some valuable advice for managers struggling to support their team members.

If you’re somebody who is finding prioritisation in your work day difficult, Elena offers her top tips for managing your diary and staying energised at the same time. 

Although the new normal may be causing digital fatigue, Elena and Paul examine the ways in which people can pull themselves out of a slump and reduce stress.

Looking specifically at Finance, Paul asks Elena what she believes the future of the function will look like. Elena is insistent that data has become an inseparable part of Finance and that a digital Finance function is not the future, it’s the present. She explains her concerns surrounding Business Intelligence & Data, particularly regarding children and their education.

As a woman working in male-dominated teams, Elena explains to Paul what organisations can do to improve equality in the workplace. She details how she’s used her strengths and certain characteristics to stand out in the industry – although she acknowledges how lucky she has been to be surrounded by people for whom diversity is an important issue.

We found out how Elena is continuing her professional and personal development, and why studying with her husband is exactly what she needs right now.

For those of you struggling in the job market at the moment, Elena offers her key pieces of advice on standing out – listen until the end of the episode to note down her tips.

We hope you enjoy this Finance podcast episode. You can use the timestamps below to find the most relevant section of the conversation for you:

01:56: Remote working in a post-COVID world
04:28: The benefits of office work vs. WFH
06:38: Caring for your team remotely
10:50: Elena’s formula for prioritising her workload
13:22: How you can reduce stress
16:40: Using data as efficiently as possible
24:17: Privacy and misusing data
27:57: How strong women can stand out
33:00: Why to ask for what you deserve
37:47: Stanford University’s LEAD programme
43:23: How to stand out in the current market
48:15: How to connect with Elena


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