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Jul 26, 2022

We were honored to welcome Alan Panter, the CFO of Fossil Group, Inc., onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

“Productivity and end goal comes from bringing the best out of the teams of people.”

In this episode, Alan speaks to Paul Toms about the transformation of Fossil and the preconditioning it endured before the pandemic arrived. He explains that, with the change-oriented culture of the organization and resilience of the people behind it, Fossil was able to make the most of the opportunity to further transform the business, both as an organization and its outcomes during this period.

As CFO of the company, Alan finds his role to be a very pleasurable experience, due to the organizational culture. His leadership style promotes collaboration - something he experienced during his coaching at Price Waterhouse - and giving employees the power to make their own decisions. 

“The biggest achievement for me was getting hearts and minds going in the right direction – fundamentally, what a transformation is all about”.

During the episode, we discovered the approach Alan uses during the recruitment process, striving to understand how that person thinks, where they draw their knowledge and how this person would represent the brand. This was more challenging due to COVID-19. However, Alan explains the process was the same - it was the execution that was different.

We later delved into how Alan started his financial career and the commitment he gives to his extra-curricular activities, such as snowboarding.

Alternatively, mentioned in previous episodes is the impact business intelligence and data has on organizations. Alan accepts this is more challenging to tackle for mid-sized organizations like Fossil, admitting that there are areas where integrating data across eCommerce platforms isn’t linear. 

Paul finishes the episode by asking Alan what’s next on his bucket list. 


01:00: Where is Alan in the world?
01:48: The last thing that made Alan smile
03:19: Taking positives from the COVID-19 pandemic
05:20: Completing a transformation during the pandemic
08:14: The key for working well under pressure
12:00: Alan’s extra-curricular activities
14:35: The passion for Finance
17:27: What does it feel like to be the CFO of Fossil?
20:09: How Alan has recruited great people over the years
25:50: How COVID affected recruitment
28:35: Where Alan’s management style comes from 
32:50: How Alan structures his day
36:24: How BI & data will impact Finance
40:40: Will BI & data change the way we evaluate people?
44:31: What’s next on Alan’s bucket list
47:40: How to reach out to Alan 

If you wish to connect with Alan on LinkedIn, he is always happy to share the knowledge he has with his network and tries his best to respond where he reasonably can. 


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