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Jan 20, 2022

For this episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast, we welcomed Dominique Kull, the Co-Founder and CEO of SGProtein.

“If you have a learning mindset throughout your whole company, you can thrive.”

Although both Dominique and Paul Toms, our Founder, expected the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic to be over by the time of recording, Dominique has taken the best out of the situation of the past two years. Having not left his home of Singapore during this period, new ways of working have enabled him to spend more time with his two young daughters.

Some might have considered the pandemic too challenging a period to set up a business, but Dominique has learned throughout his career to step into the unknown and look at things from the positive side. It’s a mindset formed from a combination of factors, including bosses who have showed him the way and the way his family raised him.

The idea for SGProtein came from discussions with two co-founders on the issue of manufacturing plant-based meat alternatives in the South East Asian market at a time when the sector was experiencing tremendous growth. Seeing the business evolve from zero to one has been “fulfilling”, but that’s not to say that Dominique has not had his concerns.

However, Dominique’s biggest worry is that he will look back in life and wish he had stepped out of his comfort zone; it’s the reason that he left his home country of Switzerland when he was 20. 

Dominique shares his long-term plans for SGProtein, which he believes is essential to applying some pressure to actually follow through with your intentions; when he wanted to run a marathon, he told all of his friends, so that he would actually go ahead with it. 

We also find out what Dominique has disliked about certain jobs he’s had in the past and how he’s making sure he builds a strong culture at SGProtein. Nevertheless, with his focus on integrity, Dominique has found recruitment challenging during the COVID-19 period. 

He offers advice for the younger generation on putting yourself out there and networking in different ways – Dominique himself wasn’t too confident about taking part in the podcast, but understood that he may have interesting conversations with listeners off the back of it.

We discuss the importance of remaining human in the age of data, especially when hiring talent. 

Dominique ends the episode by revealing the last thing that made him smile – it’s a touching answer.


Use the timestamps below to help you find a particular part of the episode:

01:27: Taking the positives out of the pandemic
03:31: Freeing your mind from worry
05:07: Developing a positive mindset
06:55: Creating SGProtein
10:41: Why you should take the leap
16:58: The importance of family
19:07: Long-term plans for SGProtein
21:51: How Dominique has learnt from past jobs
24:30: Building a learning mindset into the business
26:06: Finding the gold standard of recruitment
28:45: Putting yourself out there
32:21: How data is affecting the food industry
37:14: The right combination of data and human
38:58: The last thing that made Dominique smile
41:24: How to reach out to him

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This episode was hosted by Paul Toms and Rose Jinks, our Senior Marketing Executive.

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