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Oct 18, 2021

We were honoured to welcome Aashim Malhotra, the Vice President and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Region at Dole Packaged Foods, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast. 

“Together, we are all fuelled by passion, by purpose; we truly want to do our part to contribute in making the world a better place.”

Although COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Asia as this episode was recorded, Aashim spoke to Paul Toms following a period of resilience, of which he believes we will emerge stronger, wiser and better prepared for the future. Another big learning that Aashim has taken from the pandemic is the need to care for nature. From a business perspective, he is clear that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments must not be empty. 

Aashim reveals the steps he takes to cope and look after himself, explaining the three tips that have worked “wonders” for him. A change in culture at Dole has also ensured that employees enjoy some downtime and come into the week feeling fresh. 

Aashim has worked for large organisations in different parts of the world, but now enjoys leading and serving small teams with big ambitions at a mid-sized organisation. Dole’s people are committed to the purpose of making the world a more equitable place, which empowers Aashim and drives his passion. Although the challenges are huge, Aashim is proud to build world-class teams, learn from different cultures and expand his mind.

With the ethics of companies now under the spotlight of potential employees, Aashim explains how Dole finds quality people that share its purpose. Dole is managing to bring in great people based on a winning combination of purpose and vision with key skills and competencies.

It was a conversation with a former Unilever colleague that motivated Aashim to take a chance at Dole. After almost two years at the company, he feels that he’s building something amazing.

In previous roles, Aashim’s been required to delve into the numbers, so he has a strong belief in the power of using data for game-changing innovations. Dole is now becoming a data-driven organisation, utilising data science professionals and artificial intelligence tools. 

He explores the trends that he’s seeing within the food and beverage industry. A move towards mindful eating ties into Aashim’s commitment to meditation. With more information available, consumers are making more environmentally conscious choices, Aashim explains.

We finish the episode by finding out what would guarantee to make Aashim smile. It’s an inspiring answer that perfectly sums up the theme of the episode.


If there’s a particular part of the episode you’re interested in, use the timestamps below:

02:12: Coming out of COVID stronger, wiser & better prepared
04:27: Aashim’s 3 steps to looking after himself
07:32: Dole’s initiatives for a healthier work culture
11:10: Leading a small team with big ambitions
18:29: The winning formula for recruitment & retention
26:08: Taking a chance in your career
30:03: Aashim’s belief in data science
39:07: Trends in the food & beverage industry
45:40: The rise of mindful eating
49:59: What is guaranteed to make Aashim smile?
52:19: How to reach out to Aashim

If you’d like to connect with Aashim, you can find him on LinkedIn.


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