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Jul 26, 2021

We were honoured to welcome Mailu Mizumoto, CEO & General Manager at eBay Payments in Singapore, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

“I do believe things happen around you for a reason; all we need to do is embrace it and look at the positive side of everything.”

Mailu explains to Paul Toms why the COVID-19 period has been a “blessing” for her, allowing her to work from home and spend more time with her family. Having started a new role during the pandemic, Mailu has had to learn not only how to manage COVID, but also to interact and connect with her new colleagues in a different way. 

She has been the CEO & General Manager at eBay in Singapore for a year now, moving from her background in Compliance to the front-line of the organisation. Being on the other side of the fence now, Mailu feels she has a better perspective of how Compliance should work. Nevertheless, being a trained lawyer working for a regulated entity helps Mailu in her new position.

With a career spanning some of the biggest companies in the world – including HSBC, Merrill Lynch, GE, American Express and now eBay – it’s interesting that Mailu didn’t plan any of it. In fact, she never saw herself living in different countries around the world and settling down with a family. But something she has learned is to always embrace opportunities with an “open heart”, which makes the next steps in your life and career easier.

Diversity and globalisation are things that Mailu is excited about for the future. With so much information and technology available now, she believes that the younger generation will achieve so much more than she has.

So, is there one decision that changed her entire life? Mailu discusses the impact of having children on your life and career. Going from a corporate and single life to motherhood opened up an “incredible new world” for her. She offers advice for people considering a big life decision.

Mailu’s laid-back attitude to making decisions is reflected in her average working day. Instead of having a strict schedule, she tries to allow some flexibility and time for herself. It was having children that taught Mailu how to balance, which she believes has made her a better leader and given her perspective at work, as well as ensuring a more objective approach to problems. 

Paul and Mailu discuss the most common issues facing Compliance, particularly in Singapore, and how regulations react to the constantly evolving world that we live in. Although technology provides businesses with wider opportunities, Mailu is conscious that Compliance should support the company. 

We finish the episode by exploring the need to enjoy your work, be that the role, company or manager that you have. Mailu refers to her father’s generation, who often worked for one company for their whole careers. Nowadays, Mailu is pleased to see the younger generation changing roles or even professions when they find a new passion or are no longer interested in their jobs. It comes back to Mailu’s positive approach to challenges and life decisions.


If there is a particular part of the episode you’re interested in, please use the timestamps below:

01:17: Why the past 12 months have been a blessing for Mailu
02:43: Starting a new job during the pandemic
04:35: What does it feel like to be the CEO of eBay Payments?
07:47: How Mailu has embraced changes in her life and career
10:55: Taking opportunities with an open mindset
16:25: The 1 decision that changed Mailu’s life
19:25: How Mailu plans a typical working day
23:46: The most common issues facing Compliance
27:20: Why you should learn and evolve through your career
32:30: Being happy in your job

If you’d like to reach out to Mailu, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.  


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